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Wait Times

Reducing wait times and improving timely access to health services is important to Health PEI. As a patient, client or resident in the health care system, you may have to wait to see a primary care provider or a specialist; to have a test or surgery or be seen in an emergency department by a physician.

How are wait times measured?
A wait time is a measurement of how long you will wait for a health service. It can be measured in hours, days or weeks.

Wait times are available for the following services:


Why is the wait time long in some areas?
There are many reasons why wait times can vary in some areas, for example the recruitment of specialists. The demand for service in some areas is growing faster than the supply Health PEI has available.

Why are wait times not listed for other services?
Health PEI hopes to continue to expand the reporting of wait times for other services. However, not all areas have electronic systems that capture the data in a usable format. A manual collection, in most cases, is too labour and resource intensive to warrant the investment for reporting purposes.

What other information is available?
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